Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

..Today's Meal..

Greetings :)

breakfast ---> nil. I woke up late

snack ---> a bottle of yakult
paratha chicken cheese

Lunch ---> a plate of rice + masak kicap squid + kantonese style vegetable + anchovies and potatoes chili

 snack ---> a mandarin orange

Dinner ---> a bit of ABC + a bit of fried fish chips + a bit of fries + paratha chicken chese + a bit of fried kuey tiaw + a mug of goat milk with half a packet of spirulina drink

supper ---> a mandarin orange + four pieces of marie biscuit + a bit of granola bar + some sunflower seeds + leftovers of lunch [squid, chilli, vege] + shared a bowl of maggie with 3 other sisters

Ok, crazy supper. But I stayed up till, like, 6?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

..Today's Meal..

Greetings :)

Holidays are here!

Breakfast ---> leftover half a slice of Dominos pizza

snack ---> a mug of goat milk + a mandarin orange

Lunch ---> fried verniceli + apple and sliced chicken breast salad

 snack ---> an orange + fried sliced sausages

Dinner ---> soto + tropicana orange

supper ---> fillet o Fish [McD] + medium sprite + medium fries

Friday, January 28, 2011

..Today's Meal..

Greetings :)

 It's a tiring day! Alas, holidays have begun........

Dominos pizza
Breakfast ---> a blueberry and cream bun

snack ---> nil

Lunch ---> two slices of dominos pizza

 snack ---> a few bites of dominos pizza slice + a slice of chocolate cake + a mandarin orange

Dinner ---> bandung noodle + a mug of longan drink

supper ---> a mandarin orange + a mug of longan drink

Thursday, January 27, 2011

..Today's Meal..

Greetings :)

Thursday is here. Soon after this weekend, my mid-semester holiday is arriving. How time flies!

mandarin orange
Breakfast ---> a bottle of yakult + a slice of papaya

snack ---> nil

Lunch ---> one and a half packs of nasi lemak sambal ikan bilis with half a hard-boiled egg

 snack ---> a glass of syrup cordial + lime

Dinner ---> chicken rice + a mandarin orange

supper ---> a mug of goat milk

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

..Today's Meal..

Greetings :)

It's already Wednesday, how time flies!!!

kacang botol

Breakfast ---> a bottle of yakult + a slice of papaya + a slice of white bread with butter spread

snack ---> nil

Lunch ---> a plate of white rice + chilli fried fish + two cuts of cucumber + a kacang botol [goa beans]

 snack ---> a mug of sureco coffee mix + goat milk + an orange + a slice of papaya

Dinner ---> a plate of fried noodle

supper ---> a mandarin orange

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

..Today's Meal..

Greetings :)

Elated!! That's all I can say.
Breakfast ---> half a slice of white bread with apple jam + a bottle of yakult

wanton noodle

snack ---> several gulps of sarsi cordial drink
Lunch ---> wanton noodle + orange juice

 snack ---> four chocolate  biscuits cream sandwich [is this grammatically correct?]

Dinner ---> a plate of white rice + a piece of fried chicken + sawi rebus

supper ---> a slice of papaya