Monday, January 31, 2011

..Today's Meal..

Greetings :)

breakfast ---> nil. I woke up late

snack ---> a bottle of yakult
paratha chicken cheese

Lunch ---> a plate of rice + masak kicap squid + kantonese style vegetable + anchovies and potatoes chili

 snack ---> a mandarin orange

Dinner ---> a bit of ABC + a bit of fried fish chips + a bit of fries + paratha chicken chese + a bit of fried kuey tiaw + a mug of goat milk with half a packet of spirulina drink

supper ---> a mandarin orange + four pieces of marie biscuit + a bit of granola bar + some sunflower seeds + leftovers of lunch [squid, chilli, vege] + shared a bowl of maggie with 3 other sisters

Ok, crazy supper. But I stayed up till, like, 6?

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